Wig and Pony Fall Disclaimer and Style + Care  Info!

Wig and Pony Fall Disclaimer and Style + Care Info!

Please note I make all of these by myself - by hand! From dying the wigs, to cutting the pony falls and styling the final products! This is reflected in the price and wait time.
Made to order:
A pre-designed wig or pony fall that is already priced. ready for purchase but not yet ready to be shipped. Wigs can take up to 8 weeks depending on other orders, stock etc. I aim to get them out much before then.
Custom Orders:
If you wish to have a custom order places, drop me an email! We can discuss the vision, from colours, style to length. We will agree a price and a deposit will be paid. Again, please allow up to 8 weeks for dispatch.
Pre-made wigs:
These are ready to go! I have made these wigs for the fun of it, and they will be available at a slightly discounted price!
**Each standard set of Pony falls includes 2 Bunches of synthetic hair to make them fuller - This is a base charge of £25 for cost of materials and time taken to make them. Additional colours/bunches or accessories will require an additional cost**
***No two sets of Pony falls or two wigs will be identical, there will be minor differences on each item as they are all hand made***
**The characters used are for inspiration only and may not directly reflect the likeness of a character**
*Stock photos are for visual purposes only to get an idea of the colours used. The final product will be very different*
*Base Colour is just the recommended natural or dyed colour of the hair your pony falls will be attached to for a seamless look! This is just a guide - you can have any hair colour and still wear them - or even attach them to wigs to complete a cosplay!*

Length Visuals:

BOSSLADY HAIR INC — Hair Extension Length Guide

Wig Care

- Keep in a bag, net or upright on a stand when not in use to minimise tangles.

- Wash only when absolutely necessary to maintain the colour dye.

- Heat for styling is allowed but keep to a minimum. This hair can't repair itself after damage.

- Investing in a high quality shampoo and conditioner is recommended

- Wash in COLD water to maintain colour.

Pony Fall Care

- Brush gently to detangle

- keep them hanging, try not to drop them! they tangle very easily!

- If they come off of the attachment band please let me know and I will talk you through re-attaching.

- try not to wash them unless absolutely needed and detangle as you wash, do not scrunch them.

Please tag me in your photos with a completed look! If you would like you may also be featured on instagram and on our site!


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